PSA for the Day: Your Sick Kids

This morning I was getting Pop Culture Preschooler settled in at the breakfast table at school, and one of her little friends announced to the table, "I'm eating a lot, because I throwed up." I said something like, "Oh you got the stomach bug last week, too?". One of the teachers worriedly rushed over and asked the little girl when she was sick (I'm guessing because she hasn't missed a day of school?). The girl announced, "This morning. And my tummy still hurts."

Parents, this shit is not cute. It is not like, with the stomach virus creeping around the country and half the kids and teachers at the school out with the virus at one point or another over the last two weeks, you didn't know when you saw your kid vomit that it was probably something contagious and not just your bad cooking. My kids and hubby were all sick for an entire week because of the bug going around. I have friends all around the U.S. and Canada who have had their families infected with it. This virus is not fun, and, trust me, no one wants it.

This crap wouldn't spread so fast if when your kid throws up in the morning, you KEPT HIM/HER AT HOME. Do not bring them to school in the hope that if they don't throw up again, no one will know. If the school calls you and tells you your kid threw up PICK HIM/HER UP. Immediately. Do not let them finish out the rest of the day. I don't care what time it is. Every hour your sick kid is at school is another opportunity to infect other kids.

It isn't fair to spread a nasty virus to 30 other kids in the class, and subsequently their siblings and parents, just because you don't want to use up a couple of sick days. Yes, we all hate to miss work. But this is one case where misery should not love company. Don't be an asshole.


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