'Twas the Night Before Solstice/Christmas — Pop Culture Family Version

Note: Yes, I realize it is after the winter solstice and almost the night before Christmas. But I prefer the solstice. So substitute it for Christmas in your own heads, if you must.

'Twas the night before Solstice in the Pop Culture House,
and Mama's still shopping with the click of a mouse.
The stockings are still in the storage all boxed;
The only house without lights for three blocks.
The kiddos were avoiding going along to their beds,
Throwing popcorn around, putting food on their heads.
The hubs with his coffee, and I with my wine
were handling all of the chaos just fine.

From the front of our house, went a crash and a bang
I was sure that the girls had broken something.
I ran to the study to issue my wrath,
I'm sure I looked crazy as I let out a gasp.
Right there on our porch and blocking the doors
were dozens of boxes from our favorite stores
"What the heck did you order?????" asked Pop Culture Dad,
Sounding a bit more amused than was mad.
But who was our Secret Santa this night?
I looked for a delivery truck, no FedEx in sight.
And no UPS or U.S. Postal Service.
The silent cul-de-sac was making me nervous.

"There's Amazon and Target and Ulta and Frye's
and Banana Republic and even Best Buy!
Wait! Barnes & Noble and Carter's and Macy's!
And Baby Naarjtie! Honey, this is crazy!"
My poor husband apprised me with a rise of the brow
I had to think of an explanation, like, NOW.
"Sweetie, I swear. I did not buy all this!
Did you check the slips? Surely these are gifts.
I've been curbing my shopping—the recession, you know.
I only got gifts for our friends and my bro...
Oh! And our parents... and... your fam... and the girls."
My face went crestfallen as my story unfurled.
"Okay, so maybe I have a slight shopping problem;
But there's no way I'd bought this and then just forgotten!"
My love raised his eyebrows and gave me "the look"
Until he noticed that one box was a Nook.
"Is that a tablet for me?", he asked looking smug.
"Dunno. Check the box." I said, giving a shrug.
He tore open a box, looked for the packing slips,
then a saw a sly smile appear on his lips.
"Never mind. Carry on!", he said looking suspicious.
It was at this point, he began piquing my interests.
I tore open a box to determine who sent them.
Now it was my turn to start questioning him.
I wasn't going crazy and oddly I was glad
that half of the gifts were from Pop Culture Dad!
I'm not the only big shopper in our awesome pair.
In fact, I would argue that he lapped me this year.

I threw my arms 'round my handsome hubby' neck,
got up on my tiptoes and gave him a peck.
"I love that we sometimes are of one mind.
Now stop teasing me! My shopping's just fine!"

Sometimes you know when your partner's just right.
Happy holidays to all, and to all a good night!

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