Five Reasons Why I Have No Problem With Ben Affleck as Batman

When it was announced over the weekend that Ben Affleck would play Batman, people immediately lost their damn minds. All of the sudden, it was like they had been personally betrayed or something. I don't get the outrage. What's wrong with Ben Affleck?

Okay, sure, he's made some missteps in his career (like Gigli). But he's also done some fantastic movies (Argo, The Town, Pearl Harbor, Chasing Amy... Just to name a few). He has two Oscars. I mean, okay, neither one of them is for acting; but he still has two Oscars. 

Matt Damon Defends Ben Affleck as Batman – But Won't Be Robin
Ben Affleck and Matt Damon
So what is the issue? Because he started out as mainly a comedy actor rather than an action hero, do people think that he is not allowed to make the transition to Batman? If so, let me remind you of a few things:

1. Matt Damon, Ben Affleck's BFF, had the same acting roots, yet no one has had any problem with Matt as Jason Bourne. Sure, he's been more selective in his roles, but he's had a couple of movie duds, too. Not to mention, Ben still has one more Oscar than he does, so...
2. The first big screen Batman in modern-ish times was Michael Keeton. Let the sink in: Michael Keeton. As in Mr. Mom, Multiplicity, and Beetlejuice Michael Keeton. And he was phenomenal. No shade to Christian Bale (or Adam West) or anything, but he is still my favorite Batman of all time.
3. Batman has been played by so many men in movies. Even if you're used to Christian Bale, you had to expect his reign to end at some point. It's like James Bond or Doctor Who—many men will portray, you won't like them all equally, but you should at least watch the performance before declaring it awful and unworthy of the title. And, lezbereal for a minute here: Is it even remotely possible that Ben Affleck could be a worse Batman than Val Kilmer??? Doubtful.
4. This isn't a Dark Knight movie, so there's no need for someone dark. It's Batman vs. Superman for cripes' sake!
5. Ben Affleck is sexy. Damn sexy. And he's going to look fabulous in that Batsuit.
How ya like them apples?
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