Pregnancy Diet - So No Supersizing?

Puck: Could you, like, not supersize everything? I'm not into dating fat chicks.
Quinn:  I am PREGNANT!
Puck:  And that's my fault?

I love it! For those of you who can't tell [oh, c'mon! I know I'm not the only Gleek], that quote is from Glee, the. Best. Show. On. Television. Quinn, former head cheerleader, is indeed pregnant, and her pregnancy diet apparently consists of McDonald's. And, yes, it IS Puck's fault she's pregnant -- at least partly (it takes two to tango, after all).

Interestingly, Glee never shows Quinn Fabray partaking of this super indulgent diet. I guess maybe because McDonalds hasn't paid for ad space? In fact, the only other recent mention on the show of Quinn's diet at all was a reference to some cayenne pepper/lemon juice concoction the Cheerios's coach, Sue Sylvester, forces the girls to drink so they stay skinny. That, obviously, would be just as bad a diet during pregnancy as supersizing everything (or putting chili, pineapples, and lemons on everything.. Ahem..). So it's probably a good thing Quinn is no longer a Cheerio.

I remember not so fondly one of my midwives reminding me as I gained five pounds (or seven, whatever) from one appointment to the next that I wasn't REALLY eating for two, and that my diet needed to be healthy if I wanted my baby to be healthy. She reminded me that the more weight I put on, the more weight I would have to lose postpartum. And she was right. I knew she was right back then. I didn't care at the time. Honestly, I still don't.
Seventeen months after giving birth, I am finally within two pounds of the weight I was at my first pregnancy appointment (at four weeks). It has been a long struggle to reverse the effects of my crappy pregnancy diet, but I wouldn't change a thing. Always an emotional eater, I was a happy preggo, stuffing my face with whatever pleased me (and my daughter). She was a healthy, heavy baby (an ounce shy of 9 pounds, two weeks early).
So although super sexy Puck may not be into dating "fat chicks" [which, btw, Quinn is not. Heck, she barely has a bump!], luckily for me, my husband was.
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