Huge Parental Fail (Real Housewives)

Ugh! Why do I keep watching this show? Is it some subconscious need to feel better about my own parenting skills? There was a lot going on this week but the one thing that kept popping up in my head was "as a single parent mom, Danielle you fail." Has a nice ring to it, right?

I think the single thing that annoyed me the most was Danielle's house. She needs a course in finances for single parent moms or something. First, the camera shows her dogs using the carpet of her "$2 million home" as toilet paper. Danielle, single parent mom of the year, does nothing about it.

Then her realtor comes over to discuss the various repairs the home needs before it can be sold. Here's where I almost lost it. Danielle is crying about what a deadbeat her ex-husband is being, then she asks the realtor if she called the ex-hubby to ask him for money for the repairs. Hold the phone! You asked your REALTOR to call your ex-husband to ask for money that YOU need? Seriously?! If you can't handle asking your ex-husband for money or at least going through PROPER channels like, say, your lawyers or your accountants, then how are you supposed to handle the pressures of being a single parent mom?

So Danielle's realtor wasn't able to squeeze any money out of the guy. Shocker. Danielle then says she doesn't want to sell the home, because even at the lower list price they are considering, her husband would end up getting $700,000 out of the sale, and that's not fair. First, I doubt he'd "get" $700k out of the sale of their home unless there's no mortgage -- which we already know there is. Second, we know that Single Parent Mom of the Year here didn't run out looking for mortgages for single moms with no job, no appreciable skills, no prospects, and no hopes of ever finding another rich guy dumb enough to marry her. So in all likelihood, her ex-hubby is still paying the mortgage - or at least his alimony is. Shouldn't he, then, get half the proceeds of a home sale to pay his share of the mortgage. And finally, "not fair"?? Seriously?! How much did YOU put towards the house either financially or with sweat equity?

Her fiscal irresponsibility gives every single parent mom a bad name. There are single parent moms out there who break their backs everyday to keep their kids clothed and fed and to make a living to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table. Danielle Straub is the kind of single parent mom who won't even break a nail to keep dog poo off the floor.

There are single parent moms out there who when they say their children's fathers aren't helping really MEAN these men aren't helping; these ladies aren't whining because he's asking her to downsize from a "$2 million home" to something more reasonable for three women with zero income. The man is still offering to foot the bill - just not an outrageous one!

There are single parent moms out there who fight their own battles, not who expect to delegate the work to whomever crosses their paths while assigning blame the whole way.

These real single parent moms, these wonderful ladies, are an inspiration. They make the best of a difficult situation. Danielle, on the other hand, is just one big parental fail.
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