I Get By With a Little Love From My Friends

(Wow, for someone who claims to not be all gung ho on The Beatles, I sure have been taking liberties with their songs lately...)

Instead of continuing to rely on all of Brittney's fantastic posts about my baby sprinkle [If you don't know what I'm talking about, go to the PCM Facebook fan page], I decided to stop being lazy and actually write one myself. It's the very least I could do.

When Brittney first suggested throwing me a shower or sprinkle, I cried. I knew her motivations behind it. She knew my first one had sent me into tears (not of joy) and that this would be my last child. She didn't want that to be my only experience. In addition to the awesomeness of her wanting to throw a shower for me just to make me happy, I was also thrilled by the idea of seeing her again before our San Antonio trip in November. At the same time, though, the gesture was way too generous. I know she's on a tight budget, especially with our upcoming trips to San Antonio and Maine and her fourth baby on the way. Pop Culture Dad and I immediately started to feel guilty about the whole thing. "Tell her we can't let her do that," he said. And we did, but Brittney (and Andy) weren't having it.

Seeing Brittney's excitement over all the aspects of planning my sprinkle, I couldn't help but feel the guilt reside, even though it was most definitely still lingering a bit. Then, after Kat also started making plans to come out for the sprinkle, I couldn't contain my excitement anymore. Soon, it wasn't even so much about the sprinkle as it was seeing the two of them again.

Friday, the day I picked them up from the airport, I had already started having a bad morning. My grumpiness and sadness melted away as soon as I saw Kat sitting in baggage claim. Over the next day or so, I just enjoyed having them around as we bustled to get everything ready for the shower. It is unbelievable the amount of things Brittney was able to plan and do from Utah, and it is incredible the amount of things we (though, really, mostly Brittney and Kat, and to some extent Pop Culture Dad) were able to do in one day to get the house shower-ready.

On Sunday, everything went off without a hitch. My sprinkle was absolutely perfect. Even though Brittney hates baby shower games, she was able to find games that even she (and other women who I know to hate baby shower games) enjoyed. My GD dietician and nurse gave me a reprieve for the day, so that I was able to enjoy cake, cookies, punch and more. Lots of friends came out -- even Pop Culture Toddler had a friend show up. The decor was beautiful. Brittney went with a theme of green and white, and went all out. In fact, I have still left some of the decorations up, because everything was so elegant, that I can't bear to take it down. Also, as long as I can look at the gorgeous green and white centerpieces, it's almost like the sprinkle hasn't ended.

Taking Kat and Brittney home on Monday morning was bittersweet. I was happy they would be getting back to their dearly missed husbands and children, but I was also sad to see them go. You would think, considering how infrequently we actually see each other, it would  be easy. But it's hard seeing people you love so much just fly away. We have been joking this week about how it will all be better when we just move to the same state and build our compound with three houses that share a backyard. If only.

Words can't even begin to express my gratitude for this great gift that Brittney and Kat gave me. I feel loved. I feel how much my baby is loved. I honestly don't know what I would do without my fantastic friends who dropped everything to fly thousands of miles, just to see a smile on my face; but I don't plan on ever finding out what I'd have to do without them.

Love you gals!

Yes, the centerpiece is still up in my house. I am not kidding.

 A nice snack spread -- esp. for a woman on a one-day reprieve!

One of the games -- binkie spitting. It was a blast.

Pop Culture Toddler (r.) got to hang out with her best friend

I had my cake and *squee* got to eat it, too!

The ladies decorated bibs and onesies for Pop Culture Baby

This is the only picture of the three of us together the entire weekend. We were too busy just being (and cleaning and cooking and decorating) to remember to stop and take one. We will make up for it in November.

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  1. Kat said...

    The shower really was amazing - Brittney really knows how to throw a party! I can't remember the last time I had as much fun as I had this weekend. It's making me seriously consider the compound idea ;)

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