H&M, Why Hath Thou Foresaken Me?

Um...... BOO!!!!!!
One of the few things I miss about living in NYC is having an H&M at my disposal. I am an H&M junkie -- at least I am when I'm in a city that actually has one. When Pop Culture Dad and I were dating, we went to Paris. Despite all the fabulous shopping at my disposal, what made me the most excited? Finding a ginormous H&M in the middle of the shopping district. When we got married in the fabulous Las Vegas, I actually put on the pre-wedding schedule I drew up for my family and attendants "Shopping at H&M."  Yes. I'm that bad.
I have never understood why there is no H&M in Houston, the fourth largest city in the United States. In fact, of the ten largest cities in the United States, there is an H&M in every location except the three Texas cities (4. Houston, 7. San Antonio, 9. Dallas).  I really don't understand this, especially when you consider that St. Louis (#52) has not one, but three H&M stores. Seriously, they do -- St. Louis, Des Peres, and Chesterfield [it's all St. Louis metro area]. I can get my H&M fix when we visit Pop Culture Dad's parents, but that happens once maybe twice a year. That's really not enough to prevent my H&M withdrawal shakes.
Quite honestly, I am perplexed at their marketing model. "[W]e think Texas is a really important market, but...". For realz??? I'm sad. :(
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