Ladies (and Some Men), I Have an Announcement I Would Like to Make

Set your DVRs. Now.

Per Entertainment Weekly, Joe Manganiello is going to be on How I Met Your Mother for a two-episode arc starting tonight. If you've never seen the show before or can't figure out how/why Joe fits in, he has a recurring role as Brad, Marshall's friend from law school [Columbia Law, represent!]. Although my favorite storyline involving Brad and Marshall is the Season 2 episode titled "World's Greatest Couple," where they each broke up with their respective lady-loves and embark on a hilarious and accidentally couple-like bromance, my favorite Brad moment is at the end of Marshall's bachelor party (also Season 2, in an episode appropriately titled "Bachelor Party"). While I haven't been able to find the video anywhere online, let's just say that after the party, the fellas find Brad on the side of the road in the state one would usually find Alcide right after he's transformed from wolf back to (sexy) man.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Brad is now "unkempt and chubby." While I certainly cannot imagine Yum-iniello that way, it should be pretty funny to watch. 

Per Manganiello, he decided to don the fat suit and bring Brad back to the screen, because the show "was one of those first jobs where things started rolling for me.... I owe a lot to those guys." It's great to see an actor giving props to one of the roles that helped jump start his career. And with True Blood on hiatus [and me trying to refrain from watching Magic Mike every week], it'll be nice to see a little Prime Time Joe.

How I Met Your Mother appears on CBS Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT. (So, yeah... TONIGHT. Get ready).

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