Channing Tatum the Sexiest Man Alive? Not sure how I feel about this

So, as you've probably heard, People Magazine announced its Sexiest Man Alive for 2012, and it's Magic Mike's Channing Tatum. Er... Um... Yeah... I don't know.

Inline image 5
Look, he was sexy as all get out in Magic Mike, he has a fantastic body, can dance, and is sexy is his own way, but sexiest man alive? That's a bit of a stretch. 

I'm not going to go all crazy like some Ryan Gossling fans and claim that "Hey Girl" got robbed. [Sorry, ladies, but I don't get the Gossling love. He just doesn't do it for me.]. But surely there must have been some stronger contenders in 2012. People wouldn't even have to stretch too far to find them.

I mean, you know who else was in that movie?

This guy:
Inline image 1
And this one:
Inline image 2

And this one:


Annnnnnnnd this guy:
Inline image 4
I mean, that's some pretty heavy competition, and smooth dance moves notwithstanding, I don't think our boy Channing comes out number one. [For the record, in case there are any doubts: Joe Manganiello. No. Freaking. Contest. EVER].

What do you all (ladies and gents alike) think? Did people get it right? Would you have picked another MM co-star? Someone different altogether?
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