Single Father ... And Serial Killer?

I am really curious to see how this season works with Dexter Morgan as a single father, seeing as his wife, Rita, was brutally killed at the end of last season, leaving him with three children – one of whom is an infant. It seemed like he was having a hard enough time last season juggling his job as the blood splatter expert for the Miami Metro police department with being a new husband and a first-time dad… and, oh yeah, that little side hobby of killing other serial killers. So now that Rita is gone, how in the world is Dexter going to balance everything as a single father??

Dexter himself was raised by a single father who was also a police officer, so had this been real life and any other situation, you would think that he had a good, strong male role model to follow. But Dexter's father was also the one who recognized his adopted son's sociopathic tendencies and encouraged him to channel those tendencies into killing only bad people (the "Code"). And Dexter's sister is a little messed up in the head thanks to Harry's parenting skills, too. So maybe Dexter's single parent isn't the best role model for successful single parenting….

I think Dexter's single parent struggles could actually be a very interesting story arc.  For example, will Dexter have to attend a single parent support group where – like when he started attending N.A. meetings to deal with his "problem" [the serial killing; he doesn't do drugs] – he has to come up with code words for what's really going on in his life? Will Dexter, Astor, Cody, and little baby Harrison have to attend family grief counseling? And, if so, will they complain about how daddy is never home, and when he does come home, he's very distant? Will Dexter take the baby with him when he goes off to get rid of bad bad men? Will he give up serial killing altogether to deal with his new role as single parent dad?

I realize that this show isn't real (duh!) and that single parents – whether mom or dad – have a lot of struggles trying to balance work and family. I imagine those struggles are even more difficult when that parent has to step into the new role of single parent while also handling their own grief from the loss of a spouse. But you have to admit the dark humor possibilities for Season 5 of Dexter [maybe he decides the Babywise people are evil and must be stopped!] are endless and awesome.
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