Dear Mom (To My Friend, T)

This month, The Mom Pledge is embarking on an effort called the Dear Mom Meme. The idea is that instead of using the internet to always talk about what we don't like or releasing our negative energy, to take a little time before Mothers Day to say something positive about or to another mom. Towards this effort, I dedicate this letter to my friend, T. Life has thrown her a lot of curveballs lately, and I just wanted to take some time to remind her and to let everyone else know just how fantastic I think she is.

Dear Mom Meme

Dear T,

You're amazing. I know that no matter how often the rest of us in the Fab 5 try to tell you, you seem not to believe it. But you need to hear this again: you are amazing.

You are beautiful, strong, smart, funny, kindhearted, and an amazing friend. You are also an amazing mother.

I know there are other single moms out there doing it every day, but don't let the fact that there are others blind you from realizing that what you do—how everything you do in both your personal and professional life is for the benefit and the goal of your wonderful son—is outstanding. It shows in your son. He is polite and intelligent (not to mention, handsome as all get out). You made him that way. YOU did.

You are a fantastic friend. Of course, I see it in our own relationship. But I also see it in how you interact with others. You are someone that people can always count on to be real, true, and kind. But let's not forget funny. OMG, you can crack me up!

You are a wonderful daughter. You do so much more than many people would do in your situation and probably even more than most people could physically do, considering everything you have going on.

I don't know where you find all the time in the day to do the things you do for your parents, your child, your friends and your coworkers, but you do. Life has dealt you some pretty crappy cards lately, but you have handled it—as you always do—with grace and poise. I know there have been a few times when you've felt just beaten and battered and just exhausted by everything going on, but you still managed it all with calm and class.

You are a wonderful woman. I admire you as a mother and a friend. I strive to learn more from you.

We all see it in you. I hope you can see it in yourself.

Love you, girl!

Pop Culture Mom

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  1. Elizabeth Flora Ross said...

    This seriously made me tear up. T is very lucky to have you as a friend, but I'm sure she knows that. Thank you for linking up for the Dear Mom Meme.

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