Pregnant Women Need Exercise, But This is Ridiculous (Glee)

It's no secret that I'm a Gleek (a huge fan of Glee). Although I thoroughly enjoyed last week's episode (Chaka Khan, Weezer, Marky Mark, and The Parliament all in one episode?? Swoon!), I have to say that the dancing while pregnant number (well, numberS) led by the teenage single mom was (were) just weird. Weird.

The theme last week was "funk." Mr. Shue informed the New Directions kids that they were going to have to dig deep into their souls and come up with a funk number, teenage single mom Quinn announces that she's going to come up with a number, because she has soul and due to her life, she has a lot of anger. The result was the oddest dancing while pregnant scene I've ever witnessed.

Quinn does her intro and then is joined on stage by no less than half a dozen pregnant teen girls. And they are all dancing. And I don't mean swaying to the beat, snapping your fingers, getting into the rhythm kind of dancing while pregnant; I mean high kicks, pliƩs, getting down kind of dancing while pregnant. There were big, round bellies bouncing around everywhere. It was odd and oddly fascinating. Even odder? The wild dancing was to the tune of James Brown's "This is a Man's World." That is not the fastest song in the world...

One of the thoughts I had while watching all of this dancing while pregnant was "Really?! Is this even remotely realistic?” My belly during pregnancy never moved like that. Of course, I was roughly the size of a baby whale and ended up on bed rest at 34 weeks pregnant. And I've seen clips of an eight-month pregnant woman on Ellen, dancing like she is dancing for her life. So maybe under different circumstances I too could have done all kinds of crazy complicated dancing while pregnant. Then again, maybe not.

I mentioned there was more than one dancing while pregnant moment, didn't I? The second was less obvious, but in the final musical number of the show, The Parliament's "We Want the Funk," Quinn was shown boogying around, tossing herself and that belly every which way. The final number was not as disturbing as the previous one. Maybe it's because the final number involved only one fully pregnant belly as opposed to eight (or however many there were)? I'm not sure, but I do know that for days I was unable to get the visual of all of those bulging bellies boogying down out of my head.
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